Fine Exfoliating Marble Scrub


Benefits of Oxygen Ozone

Oxygen Ozone is absorbed by the cell and is immediately used, restoring the cellular metabolic balance and increasing the activity of the mitochondria. This implies a fast absorption of water and of the active vitamins and acids in the products.

Oxygen Ozone repairs the skin cells from damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. The result is a hydrated and active cell, which leads to younger and firmer skin within weeks. 

✓ Enhancement of Tissue Oxygenation

✓ Improved Skin Firmness & Elasticity

✓ Oxidative Stress Protection

✓ Cellular Vitality Improvement

✓ Skin Rejuvenation

The Fine Exfoliating Marble Scrub has a unique and extremely effective composition to exfoliate the surface layer of the skin: a moisturising cream combined with fine Carrara marble powder.

Applied to the skin with a gentle massage, it produces a mechanical exfoliating action by removing dead cells and stimulating the skin's natural renewal process. The use of the Fine Exfoliating Marble Scrub gives face skin a smooth, firm look and a natural radiance. Moreover, Its exfoliating action allows other L'Ossigeno products to act deeper and provide greater benefits.

+ Exfoliates Without Harming Skin
+ Regenerates Skin by Gently Removing Superficial Layer
+ Avocado Oil Softens and Moisturises Skin

How to use
Apply in the evening, after facial cleansing, on wet skin and massage with delicate circular movements, without applying pressure. Rinse afterwards with warm water and apply the next treatment. For external use only.

Core Active Ingredients
Oxygen Ozone | Carrara Marble Powder  | Avocado Oil

Ingredient Listing
Aqua | Calcium Carbonate | Sodium Chloride | Cetearyl Alcohol | Ethylhexyl Palmitate | Polysorbate 60 | Glycerin | Persea Gratissima Oil | Phenoxyethanol | Phenethyl Alcohol | Caprylhydroxamic Acid | Disodium Edta | Peg-150 Stearate | Steareth-20 | Lactic Acid.


Customer Reviews

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Nourishing & Refreshing

I recently bought this with a cleanser and the Cellular Repairing Cream for Men and in two weeks my skin is considerably better. I'm a tradie so my skin is always exposed to dirt but this scrub really does wonders. Highly reccommend.

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